What is IPv6 - आईपीवी 6 क्या है

IP version 6 tutorial in hindi by Jagvinder Thind explains What is IPv6, Why we need IPv6, What happen to IPv5 & other aspects of Internet Protocol Version 6 in Hindi

Crossover Cable - क्रॉस केबल

Cross Cable Video in Hindi Shows Cross Cable Crimping with RJ 45 connector & Color code in hindi by Jagvinder Thind

Video on Ethernet LAN in Hindi - Part 1 :-

Video on Building LAN using Ethernet - Part 1/2  :-

Video on Building LAN using Ethernet in Hindi - Part 2/2 :-

Video on Difference between 568a vs 568b in Hindi :-

Video on How to make Straight Cable in Hindi :-

How to make Straight through UTP Cable with RJ 45 Connector in Hindi - Video 5

Straight Through Cable tutorial  shows How to make Straight Cable in Ethernet Lan in Hindi By Jagvinder Thind. Video Shows How to Cut , Cable Stripping and Crimping RJ 45 Connector to Cat 6 cable (Ethernet Cable). You can also Use Cat 5 or Cat 5e UTP cable

568a vs 568b - Ethernet Cables - ईथरनेट - Video 4

ईथरनेट वीडियो लेक्चर Ethernet in Hindi Video explains 568a and 568b Standard and Color code of Straight cable and cross cable in Ethernet in Hindi. Video Shows Cross cable color coding of Rj45 & Straight Cable Color Code.

Straight cable and Cross cable - Building LAN using Ethernet - Part 2/2 (Hindi) - Video 3

CCNA training Video in Hindi Shows cross cable color coding & straight cable color code and also Which Type of Cable is used to connect Pc with Switch / Hub, Switch to Switch, Hub to Hub, Switch /hub to Router and Pc to Router mean Straight Cable Vs Crossover Cable in Hindi

Ethernet - Video 2 - Building LAN using Ethernet - Part 1/2 - ईथरनेट

Ethernet Tutorial by Jagvinder Thind Explains the Requirements to Build Local Area Network using Ethernet in Hindi.
Video Lecture Shows Hardware Requirements Like Computers, Ethernet NIC Card, Cables. Lecture also shows the Types of Cables used in Ethernet LANs.

CCNA - Ethernet LAN - Ethernet in hindi - Video 1 - सीसीएनए ट्यूटोरियल

ईथरनेट सीसीएनए ट्यूटोरियल CCNA Tutorial for Beginners by Jagvinder Explains Ethernet Basics & Introduction to Ethernet in Hindi
Video Link on Hubs, Switches and Routers :-

Cisco Router DNS configuration in Hindi

Video Shows How to Configure DNS Server on Cisco Routers in HIndi. Configure cisco router as DNS server in HIndi

Cisco 2900 Router Installation & Configuration in Packet Tracer - रूटर्स कॉन्फ़िगर

Packet Tracer tutorial in hindi shows Installation & Connecting to a Cisco Router: Console Port, How to add Modules or WIC on Cisco 2901 & 2911 Router.
Help full Videos Links - Cisco Router Configuration Step by Step :-
Router in Networking :-
Basic Router Configuration and Security :-
Routing Protocols and concepts :-
New Cisco CCNA Training Video 200-120 CCNA प्रशिक्षण वीडियो :-

GRE Tunnel Configuration - हिंदी मे जीआरई Configuration

Video in hindi by Jagvinder Thind Shows How to Configure GRE Tunnel on Cisco Router in Packet Tracer in Hindi 

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